Dear reader! Feel yourself already invited for a monumental prize game on our Facebook page! We are keen on launching the wall painting session of this year. The very beginning of this period is a game which the prize of can be won freely.


A Hungarian hiking association, called shortly BTHE (, asked us to implement graphic design for one of their monumental hiking event. Boots towards the Danube – when the title was born in the mind of the head organizer, John, some details for the event also assembled.


If you browsed through my website, you are surely in the swim of the stlye my works are created with. It is diversified, often contrasting; somewhere I follow static, elsewhere dynamic shapes and lines. Although, I considered unique, spotted and watercoloured representation to be my primary stlye. Exhibition material has been accumulated in this defined and fully developed style during ages that I would like to present to the public.


Have you ever thought about the logo of your company? Can you explain what your company logo stands for? Does it have a message? And if so, is it clear to understand?