If you have read more than the first two lines, you are surely interested in the origin of the name of our studio. The name 'ForestillDesign' comes from the assembly of the Norwegian (yes, Norwegian) word and an English expression.

Our enthusiasm for nature attracted the admiration of the Nordic landscapes, so we tasted into the culture and languages as well. The word Forestill means broadly imagination and fantasy – it is our MISSION STATEMENT, the primary starting point in the company profile. The word design is a multifaced term that is intended to sum up the concept of ideas, design planning and artistic implementation. For those who look for English sense in the word (forest - ill): our message is that they are correct in some extent as well, since we are fond of hiking in near forests for soul-purifying walks and pristine inspiration. Regarding the second part of the term (Forest-ill) we have to pinpoint the fact that besides our creative, artistic and crazy manner, disease is carried neither by us, nor by our loved forests. So let us turn rather towards the English word still that means quiet, motionless, calm or refers to eternity (literally ever since) in a very exact meaning.

Ever since we have been creating relentlessly with all of the mentioned concepts and features. We are looking forward to your classic or unique request as well, which we will implement using our best talent. There is nothing left, but to Contact us.


- Heni -