If you browsed through my website, you are surely in the swim of the stlye my works are created with. It is diversified, often contrasting; somewhere I follow static, elsewhere dynamic shapes and lines. Although, I considered unique, spotted and watercoloured representation to be my primary stlye. Exhibition material has been accumulated in this defined and fully developed style during ages that I would like to present to the public.

The exhibition is a real frameworked adventure tour. It starts with mild children´s drawings, soft colours, spirals and voluted lines. It gradually turns towards more serious themes, then it finishes in abstract and dynamic tone. Above all, unity is kept throughout from top to toe due to integrated colours and aquarells.

You are warmly welcomed on the ceremonial opening of the exhibition, which will take part:



31. March 2019, 4:00 pm
in Sigil Gallery and Coffee Bar (Hungary, 2626 Nagymaros, Váci út 21., www.sigil.huwww.facebook.com/SIGILgaleria).



The vernissage is opened by Péter Berec, accordian artist and József Polgár, leader of the Reading Club of Szentgyörgymező (Esztergom).
Most painting are purchasable after 30th April, 2019. in the Gallery or online at the webshop (shop.forestilldesign.com) with free shipping. Reservation is possible even before the date given. 


Exhibition title: The Turquoise Goddess
Opening ceremony/Vernissage: 31. March, 2019, 4:00 pm, Sunday, Nagymaros, Hungary
Opens: József Polgár
Participates: Péter Berec, accordeon artist
Period: 31. March - 30. April, 2019, every day (exept of Monday) from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm.



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- Heni -