Graphic design. We´ve all heard these words before. It´s one of those fancy words that people use and the magic happens – they suddenly become trendy.


If you have read more than the first two lines, you are surely interested in the origin of the name of our studio. The name 'ForestillDesign' comes from the assembly of the Norwegian (yes, Norwegian) word and an English expression.


I am really fond of winter. Honestly. Its radiant whiteness, its tired calmness, its frozen mood is entrancing. The snow falls in huge flakes, you can see your breath thanks to minus degrees, ice tables float on the surface of the Danube, you sup hot cocoa in a warm confectionary.


Once upon a time, in 2005, we created the very first pillars of our company: the idea to establish a creative studio. From time to time we have been coming up with new and unique ideas that we have built on expertise. As we have continued to present our ideas, we received more and more orders from the public.