Almost any wall surface can be enriched
using known or specific tale characters and decorating elements. Our specification is decoration of kids rooms, schools, kindergartens, nursuries and walls of baby-mommy clubs. Nice and lovely style of our paintings for children bring highly pleasant atmoshpere.




1. After you contact us by e-mail, on Facebook, via phone or personally (Contact), we define a meeting time, when you can show us the wall surface to be painted.

2. This is a crucial step, because it is extremely important to keep the proportions in mind.During our meeting you can tell us your expectations and ideas.

3. Next step is the preparation of sketches in our illustration studio, which are sent to you and you can choose the most suitable one. At this point we can give you an offer about the estimated time and prize needed for the project.

4. After this implementation and decoration can start by the artist (Heni): ´The first step is sketching the chosen drawing by pencil on the wall. The painting process is the longest section. I work mainly alone, but I am never against the ambitions of parents to take part in detached projects. The process lasts 1-10 days depending on the surface, details and size. The last section is tracing/contouring that enhances the attraction of the painting.

5. A bit tidy-up and brush-washing and the customer can move back into their reconjured room ´, says the painter.




pdf icon Download our pricelist here